New exhibitions at Kunsthalle Turku 6.-29.9.2019

Posted on 31.8.2019

Welcome to the opening of exhibitions in the presence of the artists Thursday 5 September from 6 to 8 pm.

Ida Palojärvi / Anlegestelle

In order to fully experience Ida Palojärvi’s art, you need to be physically present: take your time, move around in the space, approach the pieces or step into them. At the same time, the artwork eludes capture. For an eye adjusted to the dark, they appear as spinning paper mountains. Temporarily flashing images. Hints of beauty hidden behind a physical obstacle, darkness or a structure. Treasure, perhaps? Anlegestelle stems from the exercise of power and the individual’s potential for misusing power; the idea of being able to cause suffering, perhaps partially unintentionally and subconsciously.

I follow Ida’s work closely as we share a studio. She works slowly, following the idea of a piece, testing out, building, and drawing models. I once asked her whether she is concerned that the outcome would not match the original vision, as she usually only gets to examine the work alongside the audience when the work is displayed. The risk of the work not functioning as planned is underlined and present until the moment of exhibiting. So far, taking this risk has made it possible to create those special situational experiences that her works bring about.

– Marja Viitahuhta –

Artist Ida Palojärvi (1981) has a master’s degree in Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki. The artwork now seen at Kunsthalle Turku was exhibited at the HAM Gallery in Helsinki in 2016. Palojärvi works with spatial installations. They often blur, alter or skew the viewer’s everyday observations.

Emma Rönnholm / Help me see

The ‘seeing’ in the title of the exhibition could be interpreted as either visual seeing or as understanding, as if these concepts were synonymous. However, there is a difference between seeing and understanding. We do not even notice most of the visual stimuli that pass through our eyes. Even if we become aware of something, we often immediately cast it aside without a second thought. It is quite astounding how little we understand about everything that is going on around us and how very little it impacts our daily lives. When working on this exhibition, I spent a great deal of time wondering how we see things and how the world appears to us on a physical level. I also considered how to go beyond the physical level, to reach awareness of things we cannot see. In my pieces, I have tried to capture the moment of not understanding, of being reminded of the fact that the world is even more curious than we thought.

Help me see consists of new three-dimensional pieces made of various optic materials, such as mirrors, lenses and reflective foils, as well as the piece Bust from 2016. The pieces are not always easy to see; they keep transforming and hiding from our gaze. I perceive them as tiny visual mysteries; objects that elude our fixed gaze but make their presence known through the movement of light.

Emma Rönnholm (1984) is an artist born in Turku and residing in Helsinki. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2011 and now works with sculptures and installations as well as kinetic and mechanic pieces. The pieces are playful observations about everyday movements and materials, but they also possess a philosophical and conceptual scope.

Eeva Honkanen / Impact

My drawing installation can be condensed into the word ‘impact’, meaning an object from outer space crashing into Earth. For me, ‘impact’ on a larger scale also signifies a certain type of threat and uncertainty but also reminds us of the importance of being present and living in the moment. Tiny causes can have major impacts.

What if there will be no individual, isolated disaster but, instead, a global catastrophe taking place all over the world as we speak – brought on by humans? Through my ink drawings, I explore the deepest being of people, their fears and the uncontrollability of life.
The surrounding chaos and unpredictability come into a new state of being through the large drawing installation and smaller ink drawings in the small gallery space of Kunsthalle Turku. Impact is a compilation of pieces to be studied in a dimmed space with the help of light.

The ink drawings invite the viewer to symbolically consider impact and its intrinsic threats, perhaps squint their eyes and use the light to find all the details hidden in the darkness and, for a moment, think about the question: “What if?”

Artist Eeva Honkanen finished her Master’s degree in Arts (Art and Design) at Aalto University’s Department of Art in 2010. Concern over the loss of natural biodiversity inspires Honkanen’s artwork. The soundscape of the installation was recorded in 2017 in New York where Honkanen worked at the residence of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institute. IMPACT is part of an artistic process started in New York.