Project Taf Taf in Senegal

Turku Artists’ Association started cooperating with a regional organisation in Dakar called JASG in the year 2004. The Project Taf Taf, based on the values of communality and flexibility, started as a small community initiative and grew over the years into a diversified project that aimed to improve the living conditions of the poor neighbourhood of Santhiaba in Dakar.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has funded Turku Artists’ Association’s initiatives in Senegal from the start. The first initiative was the original Taf Taf Project that consisted of tasks such as repairing wells, planting trees and building a small community centre that holds different kind of activities for children and adults. For the next three-year period funding was received to complete the Library and Literacy Project. Turku Artists’ Association worked together with the Library and Information Service Department of the Turku University of Applied Sciences to open up a community library and to start teaching reading for adults. The third project funded by The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland was the Waste Management Project – an initiative to advance the waste management of the community. At the beginning of the year 2013 Hyvä Koulu (Good School) project was realized which aimed to develop the educational activities of primary schools on two levels in a suburb of Dakar, Senegal.

To support the different Taf Taf initiatives, a residency programme was started. The residency was open to Finnish students and professionals from various fields who were interested in undertaking community projects in cooperation with local residents. It was also possible to do an internship at the residency.

The Project Taf Taf proved to be a successful way of doing development co-operation. The activities have risen from local needs and the residents of the community have been in charge of the project from the start. The project has taken on unemployed young people with no education but plenty of enthusiasm. Because of the responsibility given to them and the residency projects of the Finnish professionals, they have developed various skills such as accounting, negotiating and the basics of animated film.

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