Katja Raunio & Milla Toukkari

29 June – 22 July 2018

But That Is Another Place Already

In the Å-gallery, Katja Raunio and Milla Toukkari will build a spatial collage in which the categorical barrier between picture and text is gradually dismantled by mixing the activities of seeing and reading. The exhibition combines pictures and texts that have been processed, printed and spatialized using varying methods. The works draw on the artists’ memories as well as on materials from contemporary culture and the history of art. They seek to bridge the distance between two people and two forms of expression.

At the core of But That Is Another Place Already is an encounter between an artist and an author, between an other and another. The works were born through a free exchange of materials and ideas, through reactions to each other’s work and through intensifying negotiation and conversation. In the end it is often hard to determine, who authored what, just as it is impossible to draw a definitive boundary between text and picture.

But That Is Another Place Already is the artists’ first joint exhibition.

Katja Raunio is an author and art historian from Helsinki. Her first novel Käy kaikki toteen was published in 2015 and was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti prize. This year Katja Raunio will combine picture and text in two exhibitions with other artists.

Milla Toukkari is an artist from Helsinki, who works with print, text and collage. Toukkari sees picture-making as a conceptual language. By delving into its translative processes, she seeks to uncover the mediating philosophies that underlie it, thus widening her understanding of reality. She is a founder of the KELLARIPRESS community of printmakers.